Adopted: Nina

Hello! I am looking for a forever home to live out my golden years. In return, I will be the brightest, happiest companion you’ve ever encountered!

    Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Gender: Female, spayed
  • Age: 12+ years old
  • Size: 65 lbs
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes!
  • Cats? No
  • Kids? 12+ years



I am one of the lucky dogs who got to live her entire life with loving owners. They found me as a stray puppy, took me in, nursed me to health, and we spent 12 wonderful years together. Sadly, one of them passed away a few years ago and the other passed away this year, leaving me an orphan in my senior years. Their family friend and caretaker tried to take care of me, coming twice a day to feed me and walk me in my empty house, but we soon realized I needed a new home where I could have permanent companionship, and when the house got sold, I had to leave.

So, that’s all quite sad, but I’m really lucky that Cayuga Dog Rescue said they would take me in and take great care of me until I could find a new wonderful person or family with whom to live. They are being super nice, and trying to make me as comfortable as possible. They took me to the vet and got me all checked out…apparently I’m in pretty great shape for an older gal, though my teeth were terrible, so I had a fancy cleaning and had several rotten teeth pulled and I feel much better than I have in quite a while! They also put me on nice supplements for my joints along with some pain medicine for my achey hips (a very common issue for us older big dogs), and I’m feeling all spry and lively!

We all really hope that I can find my forever home soon, and it will be someone with a big heart who doesn’t mind taking a chance on a sweet older girl like me!


I’m really just a sweetheart. I love people, I love being petted and cuddled and talked to and massaged! I love spending time with you, and just being near you. I have a calm energy, which is one of the the nice things about older dogs, and really mostly what makes me happy is being with you. I like to lounge around and relax with you–nearby but not right on top of you. I like being able to look over and see that you’re close by, but don’t really want to be laying all over you!

I vocalize when I’m happy! When my foster mom gets home, I will wag-wag-wag my tail and do this adorable whining-singing because I am just so happy she came home!! My tail never stops wagging, even with people I just met! I have a big happy smile that all of CDR’s volunteers just love, and I will ‘huff huff’ when I am super happy or interested in something!

My running days are behind me, but I do like walks! When you get out my leash, I will dance so happily because we are going on a walk together! My foster mom says this shows I have a youthful side. She’s a hoot.

I love food! My foster mom thinks that *maybe* my former family was a bit naughty and gave me lots of human food, which would explain why I have love handles! When people food is out, I will come over and try to give you the doe-eyes to try to entice you to share. But if you ask me to leave it, I will be respectful!

Along those same lines, I am a very good listener! It must be the Lab in me, or because I am so people-focused. I am a teensy bit rascally, in that if you ask me to do something, I’ll test to see if you actually mean it, but when you are gentle but steady I’ll do what you ask.


I am great with every person, but I might be best in a household with older. It’s also best if you are looking for a dog who will be your loyal and loving and ever-present companion, but who doesn’t shower you with love every minute of the day. I love, and I love a lot, but I like my space too!

I would probably get along with another lab-like, happy dog, but one that wasn’t expecting me to play and play a lot. Someone who wants a buddy to just hang out with would be perfect.

A cat-free home would be ideal, because I get mighty interested when cats dash around!


When I came into rescue, I needed two things: a good dental cleaning/teeth extraction and some sussing out of what was wrong with my hips! My dental was a big success, and I’m loving eating exclusively canned food now! For my hips and “older lady joints”, I am on herbal inflammatory pills, fish oil, joint supplements (Dasaquin) and a pain medicine, which all combine to make me feel pretty terrific! The volunteers are also putting me on a weight loss plan because I am a bit big for my britches, and I have already lost a few pounds! Good nutrition and regular check-ups will go a long way to helping me with both these problems!

Ideal Home:

I would love a home without or with very minimal stairs. I would love to sleep in bed with you if the height of the bed makes it possible, otherwise I will sleep on a dog bed on the floor! A back yard with easy access for an old dog would be ideal for a pup like me, If you love laid back, calm, sweet creatures, you will love me. I know I’m older, but I would love to spend my golden years with you!

If you are interested in adopting Nina, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can’t do home visits where we don’t have local volunteers.

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