Adopted: Kody

Hi everyone!! My name is Kody. I am a happy-go-lucky, lovin’ life kinda guy!

    Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Bluetick Coonhound mix
  • Gender: Male neutered
  • Age: 4-5 years old
  • Size: 50-60 lbs
  • Good with…
  • Dogs? Yes
  • Cats? Maybe, see below
  • Kids? Yes


***Kody is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. To apply to adopt Kody, please email Erinn Wilks at Schoolhouse Rescue at Erinn Wilks***


Doing very well with basic obedience training, is very good on a leash, needs help with housetraining, but I’m a very smart boy and promise to learn as quickly as I can!


Has some hip dysplasia so needs a good diet (grain free is best), joint supplements, and controlled mild/moderate exercise (nothing too hard core).


I love all people! I love any and all kinds of attention! I love it when you pet me, gently cuddle me, gently hug me, or just talk to me! If you sit on the floor with me (on invite me up on the couch next to you), I will lay my head in your lap and look dreamily content. I’m not an overly “kissy” sort of dog but I will give you an occasion lick when you least expect it! I just really like to be with people so pretty much whatever you want to do, I am game.

I love to play with you in all kinds of ways, but I love most to play fetch with tennis balls (so much you would think I was a Lab!), and I am pretty good about bringing them back! The rescue folks only let me play at a hard intensity for about 15 minutes at a time, because they say to go for longer wouldn’t be good for my hips and joints. That’s ok by me, 15 minutes is great and we can do other things after that!

I’ve learned a lot of great things from the trainers here, have been learning basic obedience skills and doing quite well, and have nice leash manners and like going for walks! I’m willing to do just about anything for a hot dog or cheese stick, so that makes training fun and successful! I can be “grabby” when you give me treats (because I’m so excited!) but I do understand “easy”…..I just need to be reminded.

I’m not barky at all when I am with people, but do get barky when the other dogs get to barking or growling at things! I would probably bark when someone came to the door or drove in the driveway, but probably would not bark a whole lot otherwise (except for when other dogs get to barking)!

I will do best in a home with light to moderate exercise. I’m not the type of dog that “needs” a job to be happy—some attention and a couch or dog bed, a bone, and a tennis ball is my idea of heaven!


I am always happy to see and meet new people and dogs!! I love everyone I meet. I especially enjoy playing with other dogs my own size. I can even play nicely in a group of dogs my own size!! I do like to play rough-and-tumble sometimes, so smaller dogs or dogs who don’t like that might not be a fit for me, but overall I am a gentleman!

As for kids…. I love when our obedience trainer’s 3 year old son comes to visit us! He loves to give me treats, and I love to give him lots of kisses in return!! I have never lived in a house with young children but with proper supervision I would like that very much.

I am getting much better with cats but again I would need supervision around them. If your cat is not dog friendly, then I probably wouldn’t be too friendly in return.


I am a generally very healthy young dog. The rescue folks though noticed that after being at their kennel for a while, I was starting to walk a little funny, so they they took me right to the vet, who did x-rays of my hips. The vet says I am in the early stages of hip dysplasia, and that sleeping on the hard floor at the kennel probably was making things worse for me. I got very scared but everyone reassured me that with proper diet, joint supplements, and mild-moderate daily exercise, I will be able to continue to play and enjoy my life! And guess what? They are right!!! They are feeding me good food, they give me a supplement every day, they provide me with the right amount of daily exercise, and they got me this nice Kuranda bed to sleep on so I am up off of the floor, and I am feeling much better already! Truth be told though…nice as my Kuranda bed is… I would really like a couch to nap and sleep on! That would be perfect!!!


I am such a sweet boy. I have been living in the shelter for quite a while now, and even though everyone there is wonderful, I would really like my own family, so much. I am such a wonderful dog and have so much potential…since I’ve not been in a home for a while, I may have forgotten some of my house manners, so please be patient with me and take some time to help me relearn things. Remember…if you have a cheese stick, I will learn fast!

To apply to adopt Kody, please email Erinn Wilks at Schoolhouse Rescue at Erinn Wilks

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