Hi! My name is Diesel (also known as Deedee or Deezy)! I am a cute, silly, bouncy guy who wants to show you how much I can love you and be a good boy!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Boxer mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Medium (40-45 pounds)
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Good with…
  • Other dogs? Fine with large dogs, not okay with small dogs (thinks they are prey)
  • Cats? Nope, sorry!
  • Kids? Good for kids over the age of 8; too rambunctious with younger kids.
  • Medical notes: I am allergic to grain products so I have to have a grain free food. If I eat something with grains in it I turn a red, pink color under my coat, start sneezing and I get itchy.

***Diesel is not a CDR dog and has not been evaluated by CDR. This is a courtesy posting for Diesel’s parents, who will make all decisions about Diesel’s placement. To apply for Diesel, fill out an online adoption application and the rescue folks will forward it to my parents, who will be in touch!***


I came all the way from San Diego, California where I was adopted from a rescue. Before I was adopted I went through some traumas which left me skittish and nervous around people. My new family has been very sweet and helpful as I have learned to trust and love again. I have been with my family for a little over a year, and am now a confident dog who likes to meet new people (although I will still bark at them sometimes)! I’ve come so far and am so grateful!

Unfortunately my parents had to move into a smaller apartment with very limited space and no yard for me to run around in, and I’m not so happy, nor are they. They promise to find me a new home where I can get more attention and exercise, and that sounds A-OK with me!


Most of all, I am a really good boy. I love my people, love having fun, and love making you happy. My face shows all of my emotions, which my parents say is really cool– my eyebrows are incredibly expressive and can almost tell a whole story with their various communicative wiggles! I also have the “puppy face” down to a science. You can’t resist me when I give you “puppy face”–you just have to give me a pet or a treat because I’m so darned cute!

I love to be petted!! My favorite spots to be scratched are my neck and along my back, but I’m happy to be petted anywhere you feel like it, and I will show you with my happy, contented face. When you are sitting at the table or on the couch, I sit by you until you give me some pets and scratches. If you haven’t done so, I start leaning into you to get your attention, though I can scratch my own back too! I flop onto my back and twist and roll and do the hokey pokey upside down, so that I get at all the good spots. My parents say it’s so cute especially with my long legs sticking up in the air!

Other things that make them laugh and smile…I do a “happy dance” when we start getting ready to go outside and when my people arrive home. My happy dance starts with a wagging tail and some bouncing around and progresses to a whole body wag that is so exuberant and joyful that you can’t help but smile.

I also talk to me people with a “rooroo- ruff” sound! I have whole conversations with them about silly things like the squirrels that tease me outside the windows! I will “say my piece” with my “rooroos” and then huff and walk away! Squirrels don’t have good manners!

I have wonderful energy! I am a dog who loves to run! I have long legs and take any opportunity to stretch them. I am lighting fast too! I love being able to run in a fenced yard, and would probably love becoming your jogging companion if you would teach me how to run nicely alongside you. I am used to being walked 2-3 times a day on a leash and also having some free time to run around in a fenced yard., but honestly, I could do more if you want to!

I love playing! My favorite thing in the whole wide world is a ball. My second favorite thing is a stick! Take my love for speed and combine it with a ball or a stick we have the most wonderful game in the world—FETCH!! I can play all day, seriously, I never get bored it’s as exciting the 50th time you throw it as the 1st, I simply LOVE IT! I do have a hard time giving it back to you after you have thrown it, but if you trade me for a tasty treat, I might start to get the hang of it real fast!
I am a very cute sleeper. My people often find me in these super awkward and weird positions, looking totally content!

I’m not perfect, though, and like a typical adolescent dog I need to have positive guidance on how you’d like me to fit into your home! Like many dogs, I believe in ‘shopping around’ for food outside my bowl — so don’t leave an unguarded sandwich on the kitchen counter! I also need nice tough toys to chomp on, because like many younger dogs, I have a good need to chew. When you aren’t around, it’s really simple to just crate me (or baby gate me someplace safe like the kitchen!) so I won’t mistake your slipper for a chew toy. I am sure to grow out of this someday!”
I know the basic commands sit, lay down, stay, and off the couch. I also know a couple of tricks! I can twirl and jump to get treats, which is very fun to do and fun to watch I am told. You can probably see that I am a very smart dog, so if did a little consistent work with me with positive training, I’m sure my manners would improve immensely!


I currently live with three other dogs: 2 large male dogs and 1 medium-sized female, and we all get along famously. We like to wrestle around and chase each other about and then take long contented naps together! I am a big cuddler with the other dogs—my people often find me splayed on top of both of them or snuggled up tight between them. That’s a Kodak moment.
I also live with two little (human) girls and though I actually love them, I’m not a great fit for little kids. I like to lick and smell them a lot, I nudge them firmly with my face to get them to pet or play with me, I lean on them which sometimes knocks them over, and my super exuberant happy tail wagging can sometimes accidentally sort of whack them! They don’t love any of these things which I can understand. I think I would be a great fit for kids over the age of 8, who wouldn’t mind my enthusiastic oafishness, or for a family without kids!

Ideal Home:

I would love active people who want to love me to bits and throw balls and sticks for me! I would love a fenced yard, a doggy sibling (boy or girl!), trips to the dog park, and great walks and jogs. Of course I want people who will love me and who are affectionate, and who can help me be my best self with a bit of positive training work.


If you think you would like to share your home with me, please fill out an adoption application and the rescue folks will forward it to my parents who will make all the decisions about my placement.

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