Dusty and Pogo

Dusty and Pogo

Hello! We are Dusty and Pogo, the Dynamic Duo!

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgis!
  • Gender: Dusty–female; Pogo–male
  • Age: Dusty: 6 years old; Pogo: 9 years old
  • Size: Dusty: 30lbs; Pogo: 24 poundslbs
  • Good with…
  • Dogs: Yes!
  • Cats: Yes!
  • Kids: Yes, 12+

History and Why We Need a New Home

We have had a great life. Our original owner was lovely and took great care of us. We got lots of treats and lots of walks. She loved and spoiled us, though was not *too good* at training (she was too nice and not very firm–tee-hee, we got away with a lot!). In March, she fell and broke her hip and was no longer able to take care of us. Luckily, her son came and got us and took us to his home in Ithaca, where we have been ever since. We hadn’t … Continue reading