Behind the Scenes: Gemma’s Story

Arriving in Ithaca!

A Car Crash

We are going to bring you a special “Inside CDR” series, as we follow the journey of Gemma (pronounced “Jemma” as in a gem), a young pup who still very much needs our help as she comes into the CDR foster program and begins her long road toward recovery.
Gemma’s journey isn’t completely unusual for a CDR in that it begins in KY. But her journey is both chilling and miraculous, all at the same time. To be blunt, it is utterly stunning that she is alive.
On July 4th, in the middle of the night, starving and stray, 4 month old Gemma (an adorable and tiny Lab mix) ran across a road in rural KY and was hit head on by a car doing 70 mph. In a bizarre trick of the impact, her little fragile body ended up getting lodged inside the grille … Continue reading