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Kinsey Kinsey Kinsey Kinsey Kinsey Kinsey Kinsey
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Kinsey reports:
Good morning my friends, Susan & Carrie...here are some pictures [above] of me with my new dad and brother! Mom is taking the pictures of us and hamming us up! It's a nice day here today and last night was so comfortable. I slept on all the surfaces I could last night and they even got me an orthopedic foam bed, which is so comfortable.
Oliver is a nice dog, for a boy, and I met some human friends last night and one, so far, this morning.
All is well and my belly is full and I love you for all you have done to take care of me.
More pictures to come, says Mom!
Love and hugs,
Your girl, Kinsey Rae

Yes, I got adopted! What a long road it's been. My foster moms and the rescue folks have been wonderful, trying everything they could find to help me with my thunderstorm and gunshot phobia. We tried special coats, jackets and wraps, we tried a half dozen (or more!) homeopathic remedies for anxiety and panic, we tried loads of daily exercise and training, by when all was said and done, nothing reduced my panic during thunderstorms or when I heard gunshots. It was only a matter of time before I hurt myself horribly during one of my panic episodes where I would chew my way out of the house, crash my way out through windows, or got smooshed by a car once I got out. Then one day, the very smart, "thinking outside of the box" husband of one of the rescue ladies said, "hey, why don't you find Kinsey a home in California, where there are virtually no thunderstorms, and very little hunting.


So, the rescue folks started emailing rescue groups and agility training centers up and down the California coast, looking for someone who was wonderful and willing to take a chance on adopting a dog they'd never met. How lucky am I, that they found a fabulous, wonderful, loving, understanding couple in southern California who are excited to adopt me!! The wife is a certified positive dog trainer and runs a dogsitting/dog walking/dog socializing business. The husband sounds warm and supportive and very dog-loving. They have 1 other dog at home, an older boy who is said to be very, very nice. And they often have client dogs staying with them when their owners are away, which will be fabulous for me, as I love playing with other dogs!! Also, one of my soon-to-be-new-mom's clients teaches agility, and I'm hoping that maybe my new mom will take me for agility practice at her place sometimes, since I love running agility courses so much.

I am excited to be booked on a flight to southern California on January 30th on this fabulous new airline, Pet Airways. I will be flying in the cabin with all the other pets (in our own individual crates of course), and we will have our own pet attendant with us for the flight! We will first fly to Chicago and then overnight in the Pet Airways lounge, where we will get to run around the lounge free (one at a time, of course!) and will be taken for walks and potty breaks after we are given dinner. Then the next day, we make a stop in Phoenix, get another walk and potty break, and head on to southern California, where my new mommy and daddy will pick me up and take me home.

It will be glorious, living with such wonderful people and not having to deal with thunderstorms and hunting season anymore. I think I will be able to live out the rest of my life with the joy and peace and feeling of internal security that every dog deserves to have.

I will get my new mommy and daddy to send photos of me relaxing in my new home, with a clear sky overhead! Yay for how wonderful all the people involved with me have been, and I can't wait to start the next wonderful chapter in my life!

Because of the high rate of accidents between dogs and young children, we rarely adopt out our dogs or puppies into homes with young children.  If you think your particular situation might warrant an exception, please feel free to inquire with us.

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