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Cooper and Josie (CDR alum) wrestling. from KaitKyizy on Vimeo.

Cooper Has Been Adopted!

Hi! My name is Cooper, and I am a very sweet, affectionate, 1 1/2 year old, neutered male Great Pyrenees mix!


I come all the way from KY, where I was originally in a high-kill, very crowded shelter, and it's a pretty amazing thing that I am alive right now. The shelter needed to make some space, so called their veterinarian to come and put to sleep those of us who had been there for a little while, but when the vet met me, she just couldn't do it. I was too sweet, she thought, and far too friendly. So she called a rescue lady she knew in KY and they got me out of there and into safety. Thanks to her, I've been given a second chance at life! In fact, my foster mother seems to think that this might be why I am so tail-waggy and happy in the mornings. First thing after I wake up, I trot around joyously, like I'm so happy to be alive. Every day is another day I didn't have before!


I am a complete sweetheart and super friendly to all I meet! My tail never stops wagging! I am playful with other dogs, and I love to cuddle with all humans.

I am very affectionate and loving--such a furry ball of love! My foster mother calls me her little white and brown shadow because I always follow and watch her lovingly. Sometimes, she works from home, and I love to curl up at her feet or rest my muzzle on her leg and gaze up at her. All I ask is that she occasionally pet me or give me a belly rub. I love, love, love to be petted! It’s better than treats for me!

I am happy-go-lucky! When my foster parents come back from being out, I am so happy to see them that I sometimes forget myself and jump up on them, though this is something I am working on. And I never jump on children and older people, because I seem to know what people need from me.

I am very active and love to go on walks, especially if there are interesting scents. Sometimes these delicious scents are irresistible and I just have to follow them, which means I tug a little on the leash. But I am easily redirected and most of the time, I’m able to walk loosely on a leash, especially if I’m wearing a Sensible harness. In fact, I have an adorable habit of leaning slightly against my foster parents while we walk, because I always want to be so close to them.

One thing that I sometimes do during walks, though, is whimper and bark at other dogs when I see them because I get so excited and want so very much to play with them! But since not many dogs probably enjoy being barked at, even in my happy excited way, my foster parents are using positive reinforcement to help me not be so vocal, and it’s working amazingly. In fact, positive reinforcement works wonders on me, because I am so eager to please! Now, I can usually walk up and down the block (with plenty of neighborhood dogs) without any noise at all! You would need to keep up this positive reinforcement/positive distraction with me, if you would like to see these results continue when walking with you (of course)!

Speaking of which, I am so smart! My foster parents have already taught me a bunch of things, like “Sit” and “Off!” (Confession-- I love propping my paws up on windowsills so I can look out windows!) I am also perfectly house-trained and rarely chew on any household items, though sometimes I trot around with my foster mother’s sandal in my mouth! But if I have Nylabone to chew on, I much, much rather chew on that! I love those things!

I will be a great guard dog for my future family, because I love staring intently out the window. Whenever a stranger comes to the door, I give a great big, deep bark, but once my foster parents convince me that everything is all right, I stop barking, especially if they seem to know the person. My foster mother is working a bit on this with me, because she wants me to stop barking after only a few barks, which I am already starting to do! Like I said, positive reinforcement works wonders with me!

Favorite activities


I am great with people and kids.

I love dogs and am very playful with them. I love to wrestle, and I am not even the least bit possessive with toys or food.

I have not had an official cat test, but since I couldn’t stop barking and growling at the last ones I encountered outside we're thinking that cats are a big NO.

Medical Concerns/Special Needs:

When I first came here, I had worms, but that's been treated and I'm good now! I am super healthy with a very good appetite. I’m a little underweight, but trust me, between me and my foster parents, we are working on putting a little more weight on!


I am a loving, playful, happy-go-lucky, and very smart little gentleman! I am hoping for a forever home where I am free to love and adore you! If there is another playful dog, that would be amazing, but not necessary as long as you play with me and take me for doggy play dates or to the dog park sometimes! I would love to learn new tricks and go for new walking adventures! I am the sweetest, most loving boy, and I can’t wait to be someone’s incredibly loyal companion!

If you are interested in adopting Cooper, please fill out an online adoption application and live close to Ithaca , Syracuse, Binghamton, or Elmira. We do home visits on every applicant, and can't do home visits where we don't have local volunteers.

Because of the high rate of accidents between dogs and young children, we rarely adopt out our dogs or puppies into homes with young children.  If you think your particular situation might warrant an exception, please feel free to inquire with us.

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